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About Us

Uniteem Tech & Consulting is a full-service telecommunications, cloud, security, and IT consulting firm. With over 40 years of combined experience and expertise. We specialize in helping customers build business outcomes and address current use cases through procurement of voice, data, cloud computing, hosted/managed service, security, and a service solution set at no cost to the customer! The carriers and service providers pay us, NOT YOU!

Uniteem stays at the forefront of your IT, voice, or data solutions around your specific needs and provides continued support and consultation at no cost to our clients. Once we analyze your business together, we bring in the VIP contacts from your chosen or recommended providers to showcase their best products, services, and pricing so your company gets the most out of their time and budget. Technology is changing too fast; allow us to assist in getting the solutions you deserve at a price you want.


Free Telecom Consult

Uniteem helps with reducing costs and aligning with current business needs by providing competitive options, audits, and review of recurring technology costs, which results in increased budget availability and an average of 25% savings on their total telecom costs. We are the customers' advocate and provide unbiased options when it comes to telecommunication.