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Whether Premise based or As a Service, Contact Center Solutions provide a road map so businesses can build a better customer experience. Customers want to be pleased and feel good about your brand when they contact you. Contact Center Solutions enable a more dynamic business with on-demand scalability and easy to use, “out of the box” integrations with 3rd party software solutions. Let Uniteem help guide you through the contact center solutions set, whether you have a contact center or not, your company needs contact center like solutions.


  • Do you currently have a contact center or agents working across multiple locations (including at-home)?
  • Do you currently use hunt groups or have skill based routing?
  • Does you lack robust reporting or quality assurance that improve employee efficiency?
  • Is there some functionality you need to perform but are not able to using your current technology?
  • Are you required to maintain compliance with industry and governmental regulations?
  • Are you currently using or seeking a workforce mgmt./work force optimization solutions?
  • Are you looking to utilize self-service or social media to enhance your customer experience to help bring greater efficiencies?

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