Mako Voice



Providing a cost effective means to contact customers and allowing customers to contact you is a key part of many businesses. With the Mako Voice call center suite, it’s easy to build both inbound and outbound call center functionality.


Many industries must record and archive calls for Customer Satisfaction, Employee Evaluation and Training, Security, and Legal Compliance reasons. With an online UI, it’s easy to view, sort, listen to, archive and download all recorded calls on your system.


Having your voicemails sent to an email address allows you to manage communications from your inbox.


With the follow-me feature, users can choose to forward calls to their mobile phone or a related extension, either immediately or after a number of rings. Voicemails can still be left at the original called extension.


Connectivity shouldn’t need to stop when you leave the office. With the desktop softphone and iOS/Android Mobile App, you can call, chat, sms, fax, and control your presence remotely.


Built-in click-to-call / screen-pop integration allows Mako Voice to connect with Microsoft Outlook and most CRM platforms, such as SugarCRM, Salesforce, Zoho, and ConnectWise.


Predictive dialers connect your agents with answered calls at an increased rate, minimizing idle time for the agents and maximizing their utilization.


When paired with a Mako network security solution, Mako Voice can also provide Seamless Voice functionality: an automatic failover from one broadband network to a second broadband or LTE network without dropping or disrupting active calls.


Mako Voice solves the upcoming e911 requirements today, without additional hardware or upgrades. Read more about our e911 solution.

Mako value

Mako Voice delivers the most value for your dollar in the VoIP services market, thanks to Mako’s renowned quality, industry-leading features, and competitive pricing. Mako Voice commonly saves customers 30-70% when compared to their existing systems and carrier services. While Mako Networks is a newer name in the VoIP services market, we have carefully selected partners and vendors who have been successfully servicing this market for the past 35 years. We share our customers’ high expectations for quality, and we only offer products and services that meet those standards. We have taken our all-inclusive approach to network security and applied it to creating all-inclusive VoIP solutions. Mako Networks operates internationally from offices in the US, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.
Mako’s Office in a Box provides a solution for small and medium customers to connect analog phones and fax devices using their existing internet services.

A benefit of the solution is that mobile customers (like trucks, vending cars, etc) can utilize the cellular network to connect analog telephones and fax machines.

This solution will provide everything most small offices require, and save money in the process. Customers can utilize existing or cost effective telephones and fax machines.

Mako Voice Packages


  • SMB 1-100 seats
  • Mid-Market 101-500 seats
  • Large 500-1000 seats
  • Enterprise Over 1000 seats*

12 Months

  • $21.60/seat
  • $20.35/seat
  • $19.00/seat
  • Contact for Pricing

24 Months

  • $20.25/seat
  • $18.90/seat
  • $17.45/seat
  • Contact for Pricing

36 Months

  • $18.75/seat
  • $17.45/seat
  • $16.20/seat
  • Contact for Pricing


  • IP Phones
  • Softphones

*Additional MRC Applies

Sales Tax and Shipping, if applicable are not included.

At a glance

  • Fully Cloud Hosted and Remotely Managed
  • No On-premise Telephony Hardware Required
  • Advanced Features and Functionality Included
  • White-Glove 24×7 Service and Support
  • Big Cost Savings over Traditional Phone Services
  • Seamless Voice Quality

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