Mobility & IoT

Mobile technology offers the convenience of being available “On the Go”. Enterprises and Mid Market businesses are realizing the huge potential of mobility and are providing mobile first and mobile-centric solutions to all markets. Uniteem’s mobility solutions empower companies to capitalize on the capabilities and expand their business potential.

Mobility and IoT are opening up endless possibilities for your organization – from intelligent resource utilization – be it people or machines, strategic process optimizations to augmented customer experiences, there are several new values in the offing. And with strong links to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and Robotics, this ‘connected technology revolution’ has the potential to disrupt and force you to adapt new ways, and build new business models – where human and machines coexist like never before. The quicker you realize and adapt, the faster you win in this digital age.

However how do you address the following challenges

  • Hybrid designs for IoT & Mobile landscape

  • Legacy equipment not suited to work w/ sensors and controllers that connect apps, products, services.

  • Managing Network Complexities

  • Addressing Security as well as lack of advanced data and analytics capabilities.

IoT-enabled enterprise mobility is trusted by companies as they rely on the connected devices along with the big data analytics that mobility provides. Enterprise mobility-coated IoT solutions are simpler to offer a wide variety of networks such as mobiles applications, internet, intranet and corporate portals.

Uniteem Mobility & IoT based Digital Services Practice stems out of our proven expertise in designing, deploying, administering and managing the entire IoT / Mobility ecosystem for many of our global clients. We rely on our proven cloud, mobile, and API based expertise to ensure interactions between the ‘things’ in ‘Internet of Things’ are successful, and then refine and embed them successfully into your business applications, processes, and services for greater communication and collaboration.

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