Are you dedicated to helping people and want to earn from home? Has Covid limited your opportunities for work? Do you wish there was a way to leverage your skills without being limited to working in an on-site situation? Uniteem Tech now offers remote opportunities with great flexibility to work out the comforts of your own home! No more rigid schedules or fighting rush hour traffic that require you to be somewhere else for a specific amount of time. Our remote work from home solutions provide you the control & the ability pursue your personal interests, time with family and friends, or to be able to watch your favorite show!

We are looking for great remote service agents! Someone who takes pride and enjoys working with others. If you have a helpful demeanor and are often described as knowledgeable and open minded. If you are kind, and consistent with meeting your goals & expectations, then you are definitely someone who can take full advantage of our Customer Service offerings.

What you can expect from us is the ability to work in your own home/remote environment, control your own schedule and work when it’s convenient for you and of course make your own schedule. If this sounds like you — someone who enjoys working in customer service but wants to take control of their destiny and income potential — Take full advantage of this remote work from home opportunity. Work with some of the nation’s largest companies as well as other world-class companies providing customer service and/or inbound sales support services.

 Uniteem Work from Home Benefits 

  • You not only select the client, but you’ll have full flexibility and control of your schedule and earning potential
  • Support some of the largest brands in the world from the comforts of your home.
  • Work at home in a remote environment and enjoy your freedoms like never before — No traffic! Control your schedules! Work from home versus on-site! The benefits are endless with remote work.

What a normal workday can look like

  • Interacting directly with large company customers and support them throughout the process
  • Resolving issues or complaints in a remote environment
  • Provide useful information about products, services, and support options
  • Possible order support services
  • Promote customer success services
  • Ensure every customer has a great customer experience